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Welcome to Sound and Machines, where we delve into the pivotal shift from the industrial revolution to the digital era, witnessing the fusion of art with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Artists stand at the forefront, attuned to these transformations, mirroring them within their creations, not only capturing the essence of the present but also peering into tomorrow. Over a century ago, Futurism artists crafted realms of machinery, and today, we inhabit these very worlds. In this podcast, new media artist Saint Denis explores this new frontier through the lens of artificial intelligence, the Metaverse, virtual and augmented realities, NFT+Blockchain technologies, and other innovations, exploring their intersection with art and the human perspective

Ep. 1 - What is New Media Art
What is New Media Art? Transport yourself back to the visionary worlds of Futurism artists who once dreamed of machine-filled landscapes. Fast forward to today, where we're living amidst those very innovations. Explore the fascinating journey of how technology embedded itself in art and reshaped our culture along the way.

Ep. 2 - The role of technology in art
Join us today as we delve into the intersection of technology and art. Whether it's within the confines of a gallery or amidst the vibrant energy of a music festival, content holds the power to captivate audiences. But what lies at the core of this captivating force? How does technology fortify this pursuit? And why deviate from the conventional oil-on-canvas approach? Join us as we explore where new media projects thrive beyond the confines of social platforms.

Ep. 3 - How are technology projects typically funded?
Explore the world where art and technology converge, where creating as an artist becomes an investment in itself. Today, we dive into the realm of funding for technology-driven projects in the art world. Join us as we uncover the intricate relationship between technology, creativity, and securing resources in this episode.

Ep. 4 - What opportunities does technology give an artist?
In this episode, we delve into the opportunities technology provides for artists. Explore the process of obtaining various awards within the artistic realm. As industries intertwine in our modern world, artists act as pioneers, exploring new tools in science, cinema, and computer games. Discover how foundations, acknowledging the self-sufficiency of mainstream art, contribute funds to address pressing issues such as the environment, global warming, and human rights.

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