A musiacian ArrBee Sound has released an eerie, demonic and dystopian music video for his track, Zombies in Little Tokyo, from his latest EP with the same name. As a kid, he would spend hours playing and mixing records together and for the past 15 years, he's made a career out of it, taking his multi-instrumentalist, electronic musician self around Sydney. As a strong tool for his creativity, he experiments and masters the use of artificial intelligence within his musical visual creations. The AI animation that ArrBee Sounds created for the Zombies in Little Tokyo music video, was made using deforum stable diffusion. The AI was given prompts in text form, and in return, gave ArrBee and artist Sa1nt Denis up to 1000 frames of any given prompt. Prompts could be changed at any frame, e.g., at frame 100 "zombie starts to eat brains". Sa1nt Denis brainstormed the prompts and gave the art its distinctive 80s pulp vibe, adding to the already synth-laden horror flick tropes.