Homer's story of Odysseus' travels, of the tribes he met, of monsters, chimeras, and gods is surprisingly relevant today. We live among contemporary myths of cyborgs, genetic experiments and mutants, research into immortality, and myths of humanity's proximity to the gods. AES+F interprets the world of Homer's heroes as if were today, including humanity's hopes and fears about the future.
Feminism and female revenge (the episode Circe), fear of an ecological catastrophe (the episode Scylla and Charybdis), teenage political movements (the episode The Laestrygonians), the replacement of people by robots (the episode The Nymph Calypso), materials with consciousness (the episode The LotusEaters), and new gender identities (the episode The Sirens). AES+F's gods are the global elite that has achieved immortality using the achievements of contemporary medicine (as described by the Israeli philosopher Yuval Noah Harari) and manipulates ordinary people using network technologies (the episodes Olympus and Polyphemus and the Cyclopes).

Tatiana Arzamasova
Lev Evzovich
Evgeny Svyatsky
Vladimir Fridkes

Saint Denis
Natalia Severina
Kirill Klochkov
Yana Kouzmina