"Knight of the Wailing Stars" - is an immersive and social musical social VR. The musical experience allows the audience to listen, watch, and live an audiovisual journey through all types of devices and across all media formats: online, TV, cinema, AR, MR, 360 and 6DoF VR. In its 6DoF version, accessible via PC or 6DoF headsets in social VR, the innovative music album morphs into an exciting adventure, where participants can explore the "Knight of the Wailing Stars" universe and find hidden portals to access each next destination. Immersed in the music and living imagery of various planets, players ride together through each musical piece to access the next track. Each track is a VR game, in which the user needs to activate some trigger to gain point and unlock creative features.
The idea of the project is to showcase the future of music entertainment - through gaming and XR features. We suppose that in future common videos in YouTube will transform into immersive games, where people will be able to change avatars, visit places and communicate with their favourite celebrities and each other. The rhythm in the electronic music as one of the main aspects gives us the direction to bring the graphics alive. M1n0t0r's electronic style works perfect with the old school European visial line I've used. During the project we want to make some collaborations with other musicians and include them to the main line as remixes.

Artist, director

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