Feel Noir — is a VR experience and installation made in collaboration with Leica Russia, a photographer Timofey Kolesnikov and a DJ Nikola Melnikov. Driving through the room the camera with a person inside achieves the opposite wall. The wall goes underground. A viewer finds himself in the room, which imitates outlines of the exhibition area and stops at the same point. To provide a viewer with an opportunity to understand that he is inside the camera and see the construction it is needed to place the position of the camera in 3D in some distance from the real camera. The camera — portal reduces the visual angle to 180. It helps a viewer to understand the plot. Looking back he sees a light from the camera (as in the real construction). A digital space is drawing in with light beams. The photos as ghosts are leaving the walls, hanging in the air and disappearing. The most interesting method in VR — is to break the private space of a viewer, so it`s been decided to place the first photo very close to his eyes. From this moment the camera is going deeper. The space is drawing in all around a viewer, bright flashes and faces from the photo are appearing in different places.

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